Pink Chase

Do I have to participate as a team?
We recommend that everyone participate as a team of three. Individual registrations will be accepted, but only teams of three will be eligible for the Top Chaser Award—the prize given to the Pink Chase scavenger hunt winner.
If your team members aren't able to make it or you weren't able to recruit a full team, please come anyway! We might be able to pair you up with another team. Also, if you have someone to replace a team member who can't come--we can swap out the paperwork when you check in on event day.
Does my team have to have 3 people? Can it have less/more?
An official pink chase team is limited to 3 people—no more or less. This keep everything fair for those teams competing for the Top Chaser prize. If you have less than 3 people, try to find a third buddy to join you or compete as an individual. If you have more than 3 people, try to create two teams. Or if you have a few odd men/women out, they can register as individuals. However, they will have to participate as individuals and cannot “help” teams.

Do I have to be a good skier/snowboarder?
We recommend that everyone participating in the Chase be able to safely go down a blue run. The scavenger hunt challenges vary so that they don’t all require a high level of ski or snowboarding skill. You participate in the Chase at your own risk.

Does my registration fee include a lift ticket?
It depends. There are two types of registration options—one that includes a lift ticket and one that doesn’t. Regardless, a lift ticket is REQUIRED to participate in the K2 Pink Chase. The “Season Pass” option does not include a lift ticket so you’ll be responsible to provide a valid season pass or other ticket option valid for the day of the Chase.

What sort of scavenger hunt activities should we expect?
Sorry--the scavenger hunt activities are top secret! Expect a variety of different activities that will have you chasing down clues, playing games, and boggling your mind.

Is fundraising required?
No, but we ask that everyone try and raise at least $50 so you can help us reach our fundraising goal and score yourself a sweet K2 Pink Chase Beanie! More on Fundraising

Where does the $$ go?
All the funds raised for the K2 Pink Chase go directly to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In addition to that, K2 will also donate $5 from each registration fee to BCRF. All other registration fees go to pay for the cost of the event.

Can guys participate in the Chase?
Of course!

Can kids participate in the Chase?
Kids 13 and older are welcome to participate in the Chase if accompanied by a responsible adult.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?
Unfortunately, Registration for the K2 Pink Chase is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Is my registration fee tax deductible?
No. The registration fee is not tax deductible.

Is my donation tax deductible?
YES! All donations go to the the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and are tax deductible.

Can I register on event day?
Yes! Although you’ll save on registration fees if you register online before the event.

Can I fundraise online?
Yes! When you register, you’ll receive an email with information on logging into to your personal online fundraising page.

Can I fundraise offline?
Fundraising online cuts down on our data-entry expenses, but if you do collect offline donations (cash or check), you can submit them when you check in on event day.

What is is the service we use to take online registrations and donations.
When you register, you'll be directed to a registration page that is hosted by Similarly, the donations are made through our Pink Chase donation page that is also hosted through Participants also login to their fundraising page using the platform